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Strategy #5 of 5 for getting the most from your newsletter every time

Newsletters are a powerful and effective marketing tool that helps you attract and retain customers, members, employees, business partners, and donors. Timely and compelling content propels your brand, reputation, and customer satisfaction. It’s also useful for facilitating change.

Here is the fifth of five surefire strategies for maximizing your newsletter’s effectiveness:

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Reuse and repurpose your newsletter content to help your brand grow

5) Identify how to best repurpose content to increase its mileage and your organization’s visibility

Identifying, researching, and creating good content is time-consuming. Increase its mileage by repurposing it.


If you’ve linked the newsletter to articles on your website, you’re driving traffic to the website. In the process, your readers will discover other information and news about your organization. Pay attention to the article’s meta description and keywords to capitalize on Search Engine Optimization. Periodically review and update this content to keep it fresh and relevant.

Social Media

Share the newsletter on social media. Encourage followers to subscribe and share. Consider developing a series of posts to complement each article. Include tags and hashtags to attract the appropriate audience.

Collateral Materials

There may be snippets of content that are appropriate for sales materials and presentations. For example, certain quotes are effective for sales materials, new hire orientations, and industry presentations.

Press Release

Does your newsletter have an article that’s newsworthy? Introducing new board members and senior staff, launching new products and services, awards received, and sharing industry trends and your organization’s insights are ideal for a press release. Be sure you change the format of the article and headline to one that’s factual. Include quotes and contact information for your organization and press liaison. Send the release to appropriate media outlets and industry contacts based on the audience you’re trying to reach.

Cynthia McGrath helps businesses connect with their employees and customers through strategic marketing communications.


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