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Enhancing Benefits Communication for Clarity and Employee Engagement

Navigating the intricate benefits landscape can leave employees feeling overwhelmed by their options. However, by empowering your employees to make informed decisions about their benefits, select the right health plans, prepare for changes, tap into underused wellness programs, and access suitable care resources, your organization can effectively reduce its benefits package costs while simultaneously boosting employee satisfaction.

Here are some crucial questions for your employees:

  • Are they aware of all their available benefits?

  • Do they understand how to navigate their benefit programs effectively?

  • Are they informed about considerations as they approach age 65 and Medicare eligibility?

  • Are they taking full advantage of wellness programs and participation challenges?

  • Have they explored valuable voluntary benefits?

  • Are they utilizing program apps and telehealth services?

  • Do they comprehend their options during Open Enrollment and the intricacies of qualifying events?

At Strategic MarCom, we specialize in crafting, editing, and producing clear, accurate, and effective communication materials, including:

  • Benefit Decision Guides

  • Newsletters

  • Training materials

  • Website content

  • Total compensation benefit statements

  • Email, video, text, and social media campaigns

  • Print, graphic design, and fulfillment production management


Contact Strategic MarCom to actively engage your employees and facilitate their understanding and appreciation of their benefits package. With over 20 years of experience in employee benefits marketing communications and as a Licensed Health Insurance Adviser, Cindy McGrath can drive employee action during Open Enrollment, eliminate confusion and frustration, and empower employees to maximize the benefits you offer, ultimately helping reduce your organization's employee benefits costs.

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